Exceptional shoes for exceptional women


We might acknowledge limitation in certain things. However it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dare to provoke those boundaries at times. It is passion that inherently breeds ambition.
It all began in Tokyo. One special evening has become that very catalyst that predicts death of an old life and nascence of a new one. The moment where a fist finally punches through thick layer suddenly revealing a sea of light while generating new terrain to break into.


LOUISA VICTORIA is a shoe brand appealing to independent, rebellious and above all daring women.
Its philosophy advocates the pursuit of heart desires and dreams regardless of what the reason is telling you to do.


Each pair of shoes is handcrafted in Italy and recognised by its distinctive foot-bracelet located just above the ankle. The bracelet, covered in fine leather, is part of the unique LOUISA VICTORIA aesthetics and timeless look. It is personally adjusted and adds the flavour of uniqueness to each pair of shoes.


Bold rich colours and classical forms are perfect to wear at any occasion – office, black tie, red carpet, art weekends, or just unexpected magical moments. Because it is all about YOUR true choice to be an exceptional woman.